Nanako Hidorikawa
Kanji みどりかわ ななこ (Hiragana)
Gender Female
Age 21
Professional Status
Occupation Student, aspiring voice actress
Personal Status
Anime Ep. 6
Manga Ch. 16
Voice Actors
Japanese Rumi Shishido
English Monica Rial

Nanako Midorikawa is a classmate of Kaoru Yamazaki, she is studying to be a voice actress. In both versions of the series, the best guess as to her sexual orientation is bisexual, as she has had sexual relations with both sexes.

Her story differs drastically between the manga / light novel, and the anime; however, she receives little air time in the anime. In both of them, she shows disgust towards otaku culture. Not so much because of the content, but more so about the adverse effects of the typical otaku. She loves his idea of passion, but she hates his utter fear of the unknown and the real world, and believes the culture has sucked him into believing a two-dimensional world is all he needs.

In the anime, they maintained a romantic relationship until it was revealed that she was using him as a cover to hide her attraction to other girls. Yamazaki's last encounter with her was when he was intoxicated, and despite her showing clear interest, he blew it by calling her a closet pervert, and making jokes of her confessions to him.

In the manga, when Yamazaki was about to move back to the farm, she stripped down in front of him after a breakup with another guy. Yamazaki hadn't refused the sexual encounter that followed, however, his protest to it came from the fact that he was "scared" and thought it was "impure". This only deepened her disrespect for the otaku culture.

Despite her fluctuating appearance of an actual love interest with Yamazaki, and having had sexual relations with him, she admitted that she had no love interest in him.