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Ishihama Promontory
Frontview of the promontory




"Ishihama Misaki"


Edge of Sea of Japan

First appearance

Episode 23 (anime)

The Ishihama Promontory ("Ishihama Misaki", 石浜岬) is a headland that looks out onto the Sea of Japan. An unnamed famous person committed suicide on this promontory, and ever since then, it has become a well-known suicide spot. Notably, Misaki's mother, Misaki Nakahara and Tatsuhiro Satou all made attempts of suicide on this promontory, with only the mother being successful.

The Ishihama Promontory is located in proximity to the house that Misaki Nakahara grew up in. She was also named after this promontory by her first father, before the first notable suicide attempt was made. The name was made in good intentions, since the promontory was considered beautiful and majestic before the first suicide attempt.

Signs of encouragement now litter the area leading up to the precipice, in an attempt to help the victim of suicidal thoughts reconsider their actions. Also, a netted security gate that lies prone below the precipice was constructed in an attempt to give people who jumped a chance to reconsider their actions.


The sign by the precipice reads, "You have only one life. Don't throw it away." Another sign nearby reads, "If you have the courage to jump, have the courage to live."