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Episode 7 - "Welcome to the Moratorium!"
"The Almost a Kiss"

English Name

"Welcome to the Moratorium!"

Japanese Name

"Moratoriamu ni Yōkoso!" (モラトリアムにようこそ!)

Manga Equivalent

Chapter 5, Chapter 6


20 minutes

First Aired

August 20, 2006


"Welcome to the Classroom!"


"Welcome to Chinatown!"


Traumatized by his latest panic attack, Tatsuhiro refuses to leave his apartment. Under the guise of a summer flu, he gets Kaoru to buy him his daily necessities. Later, he is surprised by a phone call from his mother who tells him that she would like to visit him and discuss his future. He prevaricates, fearing the assumptions of his mother, claiming that he has a job and a girlfriend whom he plans to marry. This leads Tatsuhiro in even deeper trouble, and he gets Kaoru to help him create a fake video game developing company. Misaki later volunteers to be his girlfriend.