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Episode 4 - "Welcome to the New World!"
"Otaku Shopping"

English Name

"Welcome to the New World!"

Japanese Name

"Shin Sekai ni Yōkoso!" (新世界にようこそ!)

Manga Equivalent

Chapter 3


20 minutes

First Aired

July 30, 2006


"Welcome to the Beautiful Girls"


"Welcome to Counselling!"

Welcome to the New World! (新世界にようこそ!, "Shin Sekai ni Yōkoso!") is the fourth episode of the Welcome to the N.H.K anime.


Tatsuhiro Satou struggles to write a decent script for the game. Tatsuhiro thinks his problem is his lack of real-life experience, whereas Kaoru Yamazaki sees this as a fundamental mistake. Yamazaki has faced nothing but pain and betrayal from real-life relationships, and so he explains to Tatsuhiro that games are a method of escape from this pain and should be as unrealistic as possible. Yamazaki gives him some basic guidelines and patterns as to which these fictional girls are to follow. In these basic guidelines of an ideal heroine that Yamazaki constructs, Tatsuhiro notices the parallels of all these traits in Misaki Nakahara.

Tatsuhiro spends the night browsing through the eroge that Yamazaki left for him. Briefly, he has another flashback with his former Senpai, Hitomi Kashiwa, where he's reminded there is nothing he can do about some conspiracies.

Yamazaki is infuriated when he finds out that after two days Tatsuhiro's spent cooped up in his room, he has made no progress on the script. Tatsuhiro explains that he has no examples to go off of. Yamazaki drags him out of the room and brings him to a Maid Café to analyze some of the models. Next, Yamazaki brings him to a Doujinshi shop to analyze pieces of work. He didn't leave without buying a ton of anime, manga and figurines.

Satou believes to have an epiphany on the ideal form of their game's heroine. He lazily combines every valuable thing he learned on how to create an erotic female character, and his ideas gradually dissolve into entropy. However, Yamazaki finds his idea spectacular, and draws out the heroine: a subservient and loving spectral robotic alien maid that is the reincarnation of a fox from outer space. Once Satou sees the illustration of it, he trashes the idea.

Satou spends some time alone in a local shop, reviewing once again Misaki's contract. Outside of the window, he hears a knock. Hitomi Kashiwa, his former Senpai, stands outside smiling at him.