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Episode 3 - "Welcome to the Beautiful Girls!"
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"Welcome To The Game"



English Name

"Welcome to the Beautiful Girls!"

Japanese Name

"Bishōjo ni Yōkoso!" (美少女にようこそ!)

Manga Equivalent

Chapter 2

Run time

20 minutes

First aired

July 23, 2006


"Welcome to the Creator!"


"Welcome to the New World!"

Welcome to the Beautiful Girls! (美少女にようこそ!, "Bishōjo ni Yōkoso!") is the third episode of the Welcome to the N.H.K anime.


Yamazaki becomes infuriated with Satou when he suggests that Misaki Nakahara would be disgusted if he were to show her an eroge. He explains to him that eroge games are the pride and joy of Japan's inventions, and that their creators are renowned as gods of sort. He claims that they will become a global company off of those games, and become so rich and popular from its success, that Satou would regret ever having passed up the opportunity.

Satou browses through the games he borrowed from Yamazaki. Satou plays gal games overnight, constantly asking Yamazaki for assistance. Over the course of a week, he develops an unhealthy addiction to the lolicon subculture. He tries to browse through every potential scenario in the games, before Yamazaki reminds him of the promise he made to Misaki.

Satou has another flashback to Hitomi, a depressing moment where she asked him if he would be sad had she died.

Yamazaki gives him a disc with a collection of Lolicon pictures he's collected over the Internet for reference. Satou is infatuated with the collection and goes on a deep search of the Internet to find more images of the sort over the next week. Yamazaki shows him what a filthy pervert he has become, and tells him that he needs to face reality.

Satou falls under the impression that he will never be able to change unless he sees pictures of himself doing perverted things. He brings Yamazaki to the school with him and he starts snapping pictures of schoolgirls. He urges Yamazaki to take pictures of him while he does this. Little does he know, Yamazaki absconded and Misaki found caught him red-handed. He makes up a pathetic excuse, but Misaki subtly finds delight in the fact that he's as broken as he is—as it would make him perfect for her project.