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Chapter 10 - "Welcome to the Heaven!"





English Name

"Welcome to the Heaven!"

Japanese Name

Tengoku ni yōkoso! (天国にようこそ!)

Published (Japanese)

November 26, 2004

Published (English)

February 2007


149-187 (39 pg)


"Welcome to the Offline Meeting!"


"Welcome to the Online!"

Welcome to the Heaven! ("Tengoku ni yōkoso!", 天国にようこそ!), or Welcome to Heaven! depending on the translation source, is the tenth chapter of the Welcome to the N.H.K manga.


The group gathers around a burning fire in a concealed tent. The goal is to deprive themselves of oxygen. Tatsuhiro temporarily falls under social pressure, unable to inform them that his coming was an accident. Luckily, Hideto Nomura makes vocal his change of heart when he thinks about his mother. He convinces Makoto out of it, who then convinces Yuu out of it. Much is also learned about their backgrounds [1], however they do not appear again for the rest of the series. Hitomi is outraged at their cowardice and presses on with the suicide. Tatsuhiro is about to profess his love for her to prevent her from death, when Jougasaki calls up to propose marriage to her. She changes her mind, and Tatsuhiro is so devastated that he too changes his mind. They all try to prevent Tatsuhiro from committing suicide, but he counters all of their arguments and presses on regardless.

Misaki and Yamazaki are jogging to the marina, but Yamazaki proposes giving up. Misaki professes that she needs Tatsuhiro because he is so much more pathetic than she is. Yamazaki coincidentally arrives at Comiket and gives up the run. He reassures Misaki that he is not the type to go through with it, and that he will return.

The group simply decides to prevent Tatsuhiro's death by removing him from the tent once he passes out. Misaki is sitting in Tatsuhiro's room when he returns, tears in her eyes, but a smile on her face.


  1. Hideto had always had an aspiration of becoming a doctor, following in the footsteps of his father, but he was entirely unsuccessful and felt as if his parents could never forgive him. Makoto's life fell apart when the I.T. bubble popped and his wife filed for divorce and took the kid with her. He was left empty and with only the island. He was convinced out of committing suicide when he was reminded that his kid still needed him. Yuu stole several million yen from his parents because he feared for his safety because of the bullies at school. Makoto recommends him to a lawyer who specializes in juvenile cases.