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Chapter 2 - "Welcome to the Lolita!"





English Name

"Welcome to the Lolita!"

Japanese Name

"Rorīta ni yōkoso!" (ロリータにようこそ!)

Published (Japanese)

June 26, 2004

Published (English)

October 2006


39-72 (34 pg)


"Welcome to the Project!"


"Welcome to the New World!"

Welcome to the Lolita! ("Rorīta ni yōkoso!", ロリータにようこそ!) is the second chapter of the Welcome to the N.H.K. manga.


Tatsuhiro Satou heads to the park, feeling as if he would be stood up. Misaki Nakahara appears out of the blue, and asks him why he ran away earlier, and if it's because he is hikikomori like she expects. She tells him that she's known about him for a long time and has come to rescue him from being a hikikomori. Misaki tries to convince Tatsuhiro to sign a contract with her, whereby he will be obligated to comply with her as she tries to ease him out of his hikikomori lifestyle. Tatsuhiro falls under the impression that this is a scam or a church ploy, whereby Misaki would take full control of his life. Tatsuhiro notices a sign in the distance that says, "Watch out for perverts! Attacks on young women are on the rise." He directs Misaki's attention to that sign, in an effort to invoke fear in her, granting him access to solitude once again. She does not believe for a second that he is a predator and finds no reason to believe him. Misaki explains that she was only assisting her aunt in the solicitation the other day because she wanted to compensate for all the trouble she caused her. Tatsuhiro rejects her accusation that he is hikikomori. When Misaki asks his profession, he fibs to her that he is a program designer to defend his integrity.

He begs to Yamazaki for help, and Yamazaki becomes increasingly more frustrated since Satou has no marketable skills to defend his lie. When Satou agrees to taking a writing role, Yamazaki proposes creating an eroge. Satou is disgusted by the idea at first, and even fearful. He imagines himself getting arrested for illegal child pornography, even if in cartoon format. But once he gets a hold of Yamazaki's "reference" material, he collects insane amounts of Lolita porn for an entire week.

Satou nearly loses his insanity and insists that Yamazaki snap photos of him as he takes pictures of preteen schoolgirls, in an ironic attempt to rid himself of his Lolita complex. Yamazaki absconds without Satou's knowledge and Misaki catches him red-handed. Satou explains his actions in a flustered manner, but Misaki isn't really disgusted by it. She only sees his pitifulness as making him an even more suitable applicant for her project.