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Akira Jougasaki
Kanji 城ヶ崎彰
Rōmaji Jougasaki Akira
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Programmer (anime), Psychologist (manga)
Affiliation Hitomi's husband
Personal Status
Anime Episode 11
Manga (please fill in if you know)
Voice Actors

Akira Jougasaki is Hitomi Kashiwa's husband, however, the anime only shows it up to the point of their fiancé-hood.

In the manga series he is a psychiatrist in Misaki school; in Vol 2, Chapter 10 he made a call to Hitomi asking for them to be married, thus making Hitomi change her intentions of suicide. In Vol 5, Chapter 24, he is shown speaking with Misaki about her problems to integrate into school.

In the anime series, he is shown as a rich young man who is (presumed to be) working as the head programmer of a large company. Consequently, in the manga, he works as a psychologist. He works part time as a school counsellor, specifically depicted comforting Misaki Nakahara.

He has a very calm personality, intelligent demeanor, and is somewhat emotional. This is contrast to Hitomi's bipolar behavior, however, he is very tolerant, as he assumes the role of a psychologist, not only to her, but in the real world.


  • He only makes a physical appearance in the anime series, but is delved further in depth in the manga.
  • Despite having a pivotal role in the manga series, no other information about him is known other than the name "Jougasaki-san"